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The Sociedade Agrícola Casal do Conde was founded at he beginning of the 20th century in Vila Chã de Ourique in the Tagus region. A family business, it was founded by the winemaker Manuel Henriques ( 1890 - 1984 ), and was always characterised by a dynamic growth that allowed i tto reach the beginning of the 21st century as one of the largest wine producers of the Tagus.

It’s strategy of acquiring some of the best farms and vineyards of the region such as the Quinta d'Arrancosa and the Correchana vineyards progressively added productive capacity, and allowed to follow a philosophy of producing quality wines, duly recognized through the award of numerous prizes in national and international competitions.

In 2016 the agricultural society Casal do Conde was bought by Casa Agrícola Faia & Filhos, having as its administrator António Manuel Faia. The current owners aim to increase modernise their managerial processes, their marketing strategy and their commercial positioning and endowering with strong investment capacity. This has accelareted the process of continuous development of Its productive strucutre, and face the future with a view to expanding its offer and brand presence in new markets.

Currently, the Sociedade Agrícola Casal do Conde has 137,5ha of the best land of the Tagus Valley, of which 75ha are allocated to vineyards. These were restructured in recent years, bringing together in separate plots, traditional Portuguese varieties and noble international grapes, selected for their potential within the instrinsic characteristics of the terroir.

Its winery located near the village of Porto de Muge, has accompanied the tecnological development of the sector, investing in the most advanced vinification and bottling processes, reflecting the company’s winemaking tradition in the context of modernity and confidence in the future of the winemaking region of the Tagus as a benchmark in the production of quality wines in Portugal.

The wines of the region, regardless of their classification, are marked by the terroir, characterised by very fruity whites and with tropical or floral aromas, with notes of yellow apple and citrus fruits, a mild freshness.

The reds have very complex aromas and are quite fruity, full-bodied, loaded with colour and smooth tannins, soft and round.
Its taste is extremely persistent and are easily consumed.

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