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The Sociedade Agrícola Casal do Conde, with family roots, was founded by winemaker Manuel Henriques, at the beginning of the 20th century. XX in Vila Chã de Ourique in the Ribatejo Region. Always characterized by dynamic growth, it continues today as one of the largest wine producers in Ribatejo.

The strategy of acquiring some of the best farms and vineyards in the region, such as Quinta d' Arrancosa, Quinta da Faia, Quinta da Terra Grande, Quinta da Fonte Bela and the Correchana vineyards, gradually increased production capacity and allowed for a philosophy of producing quality wines, duly recognized with the attribution of numerous prizes in national and international competitions.

In 2016, Sociedade Agrícola Casal do Conde, SA. was acquired by GRUPO A. FAIA. Since then, investment began with the aim of increasing production, modernizing the winemaking processes, management, marketing strategy and commercial positioning, facing the future with the perspective of expanding the brand into new markets.

We have 200 hectares dedicated to vineyards, more than 20 varieties, including indigenous, national and international, selected for their potential in the intrinsic characteristics of the terroir. Named the best lands in the Tagus Valley, we recognize the potential to sustainably combine quantity and quality in wine production in Portugal.

The winery is located in the village of Porto de Muge, on the banks of the Tagus River, very close to Valada.


We mirror the winemaking tradition in a context of trust, we intend to contribute to the tourist activity in the Tagus region, betting on partnerships with companies that value sustainable tourism.


Wine Tourism


- Guided visit to the vineyards and cellar with wine tasting and possibility of local accommodation

- Organization of Teambuilding activities

- Organization of boat trips on the Tagus River with Birdwatching and observation of the Lusitano horse with the possibility of an equestrian demonstration

- Visit to the poultry villages of Escaroupim and Palhota

- Visit to the islands of horses, loves and birds

* Visits are subject to prior booking

Other activities

In addition to the production and marketing of wines and oils, we carry out other activities related to agriculture, such as the production of cereals and irrigated olive groves, which occupy approximately 300 ha.

The A. FAIA GROUP currently has companies linked to the agricultural sector, transport, logistics and real estate.

Other projects

We own the Vale D’Algares brand, the cult of wine.

These are wines for collectors and connoisseurs that provide moments of discovery.


Casal do Conde Olive Oil Mill | Our olive oil is produced in Vale de Figueira in the Ribatejo region and comes from selected olive varieties.

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